Bunyip bushfires

A series of work inspired by the Bunyip fires that occurred in early 2019. Once considered a part of nature’s cycle, bushfires have morphed into catastrophic events, well outside the bounds of renewal that fire once represented. Now a force of ruin, bushfires continue to ravage the Australian landscape with unabated force every year, devastating communities, habitats and pushing species to extinction. My work explores the drama and fury of a bushfire in order to highlight humanity’s impact on climate change and its resulting destruction.

Featured in…

2020 – Finalist in the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, SA Museum, SA
2020 – New Glass Review 41, Corning Museum of Glass, New York state
2020 – Vi Naturae, duo exhibition with Rita Kellaway, Urban Cow Gallery, SA
2019 Finalist in the Pro Hart Art Prize, Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery, Broken Hill, NSW